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Who we are

The Globeville Elyria Swansea (GES) Coalition Organizing for Health and Housing Justice  formed in 2015 between a group of neighbors and community organizers aligned around a long history of solidarity, care, and mutual aid between neighbors. In 2017, this group solidified as a coalition of neighbors organizing around community power, stewardship, reparations, and community-owned land.


As a coalition of neighbors organized through shared and revolving collaboration of collective leadership roles, we first aligned by organizing our collective resources and activities around preventing the displacement of our neighbors. We seek to preserve affordability in housing in our neighborhoods, and we fight against the divestment and predatory inclusion of our neighborhoods that is destroying housing stability for a 9 out of 10 of our neighbors today! We build collective and cooperative leadership that promotes the culture and the organization that welcomes neighbors who value our long standing culture, interconnectedness, and commitment to equity. 


Our organizing is based on a shared vision and commitment to economic, racial, and environmental justice, and our collective action is organized neighbor-to-neighbor. 


To learn more about GEC Coalition, visit:

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